Some things are not what they seem


How old is this horse?

Me with Bounty, Billy's BFF for the moment. Bounty even gets to wear Billy's bridle, just because it's so sparkly.

Me with Bounty, Billy’s BFF for the moment. Bounty even gets to wear Billy’s bridle, just because it’s so sparkly.

Meet Bounty, who has been rehabbing with my trainer Karin for a couple of years now. You would never guess by looking at him that he just turned 30 last March. My job is to ride him about once a week, in between Karin’s therapeutic longeing sessions. When he came to Willow Tree he really did look his age, and had a pretty debilitating situation going on in his hips, back and pelvis. But he’s a trooper and what we like to call a real “tryer” and has worked with us to let us help him rebuild strength in some of the broken down parts. He’s been a true teacher for me too, as I learn what a rider has to do to rebalance a horse with various issues. And it helps that he’s a real love-bug. Just look at that sweet face!

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Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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12 Responses to Some things are not what they seem

  1. my guess was 14 when you asked us to guess.. i looked a bit longer and realized that the horse had some sort of ‘essence’ that suggested more wisdom, more experience, more years.. but 30? wow!


  2. ronald maxson says:

    what a heartwarming story. thanks for sharing.


  3. He is beautiful. Lovely photo of you and him. I love working with the older horses. Thanks for sharing. I wish you much success with his rehab.


  4. Yas says:

    I would’ve guessed 15, but not 30! He’s gorgeous. ♥


    • Alli Farkas says:

      I love his deep mahogany, super glossy coat. I didn’t so anything special except brush the dust off of him for this photo. They say a shiny coat is a sign of good health in a horse, so here’s to shiny coats!


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