Stonie starts to hide in the mist

Lots of changes here on the third pass.

Lots of changes here on the third pass.

Quick review–This is a fantasy painting in which Stonie, who died last spring, is now looking out for Roz’s new horse Valor. In order to make this happen, Roz and I decided that Stonie should be sort of a ghostlike figure emerging from the background.

We’re at the point now where Stonie is starting to emerge. However, as far as the painting process goes it’s more like I’m blending him into the background than having him emerging from it. So I’ve glazed a transparent coat of white over him and a transparent coat of blue-black over the background on his side of the painting. As I go along with more layers, the background and the mist should continue to merge. Since this is a painting process, I can never be sure exactly how the finished product will look, but so far it’s going quite in concert with my expectations.

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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4 Responses to Stonie starts to hide in the mist

  1. i see it happening! this should end up being terrific!


  2. It is really coming to life with each pass. I love to see how a painting developes. It never gets old!


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