Back to Mackinac

trioHere’s another little Aquabord™ watercolor I started Saturday while making my third appearance at the annual West Michigan Winter Horse Fest. Harness overload prevented me from finishing it on the spot, so today I picked up where I left off and got it done. The photo reference came from one of the many I took when I and a group of friends went to Mackinac Island last August. These horses were in a somewhat unusual troika configuration and it intrigued me, along with the dappling on all three caused by the sun shining through the trees. This is a rehearsal of sorts since I had originally planned on doing a larger oil version of this photo. I have the canvas about half way drawn, so I feel a lot more confident now about how I’m going to approach the oil painting.

On the business side, three other Aquabord™ paintings flew out the door at Horse Fest, so I’m glad this one is ready to serve as a replacement. I have one more waiting in the wings to get started–another cute girl jumping her paint pony. I’m almost sold out of notecards too, so my next set may consist of “working” horses since I now have this trio, two single horses and carts, one jumper down and the second one to go. Meanwhile, these guys are for sale–as usual. Details on the “Aquabord” page on my website, You’ll find it under the “Galleries” tab.

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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5 Responses to Back to Mackinac

  1. sounds like you’re pretty busy. i love your oil paintings!


  2. Love this painting. People still use horses around here to pull wagons to feed cattle and some for environmental logging. Wonderful depiction of working horses in their harness. 🙂


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