Git along little dogie…whoops, I meant doggie

This little guy's name is Critter. Guess that's why I confused him with a dogie?

This little guy’s name is Critter. Guess that’s why I confused him with a dogie?

Over the past five years I have been asked time and again whether I paint dogs. I always answer “sure!” but never in those years have I had anybody take me up on it until now. A very nice gal who stopped by my booth at the MHC Stallion Expo a couple of weeks ago asked the usual question and I gave the usual answer. Much to my surprise I had both photo and full price check in hand within two days! This is a watercolor on Aquabord™. I had two photos from which to choose, so I  have no one to blame but myself for choosing the more difficult one. But it really was the better photo of the two. The complicating factor was that lovely textured fringed blue blanket! I’m not a blanket specialist but I think it came out pretty well. I hope the next commission, whether dog or horse, does not contain a fancy patterned blanket!

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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4 Responses to Git along little dogie…whoops, I meant doggie

  1. jan fed says:

    the blanket is quite beautiful…


  2. great work, and the softness of the blanket makes me want to reach out and touch it! z


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