Temporarily buckskin

Buckskin, but not for long.

Buckskin, but not for long.

Sydney is a buckskin for now, but she’s really a bay. As any of my long-time readers will know, all my bays in oil paint start out in the yellow spectrum before becoming that glorious deep mix of reddish brown/black. With watercolors I work directly with the reds, browns and blacks but for some reason oil paintings turn out better with a yellow-gold undercoat.

I also went over the background, softening the dark trees, changing the tilt of the grass/tree border, and adding some more color to the foreground areas. It’s easy to get a nice bokeh with a camera, but doing it with a paint brush can take a few passes. I’ve discovered that it’s easier to get it on a more textured surface like canvas than on the gesso. I’m sure it’s just a question of technique, and I have a lot more practice with oil on canvas than with oil on the gesso-coated wood. If I end up doing more than one of these I’m sure the technique will develop all by itself.

The fence also got darker. The darn white paint on the fence STILL isn’t dry!! Hoping it gets there by the time I finish the horse.

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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  1. can hardly wait for the color it will be!


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