A surprise win, sort of

A while back I entered three photos in a contest called “Equine Ideal:2015 Spring Photography Contest”. There were nine categories for entries, in both professional and amateur divisions. I entered three pieces in the amateurs, one in head study, one in extreme action, and one in performance. Then I pretty much forgot about it until yesterday when I saw a Facebook post from a friend announcing two of her photos had placed. So of course I had to look for her winning photos, figuring I hadn’t won anything since no one had notified me, and lo and behold I discovered that I got 4th place in the amateur performance category…right above her 5th and 6th place. That felt a little awkward since I really love both her art and her photos.

So today I got an email from the contest organizers stating that the winners had been announced. Which is why it wasn’t such a surprise anymore. Now that you’ve patiently waded through all my verbiage, here is the 4th place winning photo which I took at the Kentucky Reining Cup Finals at the Kentucky Horse Park this past April.

Some of the bolder (or more experienced) riders chose to ride in the spotlights. It worked really well for this gal on her white horse.

You can see all the photographs here: http://www.equinephotographycontest.com/winners2015.asp

There’s a lot of wonderful stuff, especially in the professional division. Enjoy!

PS: there were 643 entries from 11 countries and 32 US states…makes me feel appreciated!

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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6 Responses to A surprise win, sort of

  1. congratulations. this is a terrific photo–the composition, the shooting at night, the compelling postures of both horse and rider, and the selection of a contestant with a white horse and such a beautiful blue costume, as the colors work so well together. wonderful.

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  2. Clover says:

    Congrats! Great contrast and composition, Alli.


  3. That is terrific!
    Photographing horses is not an easy task!


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