Beautiful Chardon Valley

Main gate entrance and portable stabling

Main gate entrance and portable stabling

Two weeks ago it was a USEF-sanctioned 3-day event at Richland Park, and this past weekend a USEF-sanctioned 2-day horse trials at Chardon Valley. I love Chardon Valley, not only because it is a lovely place but also because it’s only a few minutes from my house! So setting up my portrait booth here was pretty much a snap, in large part because I was indoors and didn’t need to drag my tent along. Happy for that, since the weather got a bit too hot and humid to be comfortable in a tent.

Maybe this tent of portable stalls migrated 40 miles west from Richland Park?

Maybe this huge tent of portable stalls migrated 40 miles west from Richland Park?

Portable stabling is a great thing. Both at Richland Park and Chardon Valley stalls in the barn are extremely limited, so when you have hundreds of competitors to house these large tents are a must. This particular one is going to remain in place for a week since there is a dressage show scheduled for next weekend. At which time I will trade my vendor’s hat for a riding helmet and sit on a horse instead of sitting in my booth.

Here is Ms Charm doing the perfect square halt--which not surprisingly she declined to do when it was for the judges...

I haven’t told Charm yet that we’re going to a show, but I think she suspects it…


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2 Responses to Beautiful Chardon Valley

  1. Yey! Can’t wait to hear about the show!


  2. best of luck–both selling and riding!


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