Sky’s the limit

Here comes #3 out of a projected 10 large paintings inspired by clouds reflected around lily pads floating on the Mill Pond.

Sky Pads 3, undercoat.

Sky Pads 3, undercoat.


The undercoat for this one has a bit more feeling of motion to it than the first two. This is one more reason to work in series–just to see what serendipity does to each painting as I go along.

I reworked Sky Pads 1 because it just seemed too mushy, foggy, vague, and even lifeless. So here’s the result of the alterations.

SkyPads 1, reworked.

SkyPads 1, reworked.


While I was letting #1 gel in my mind a bit, I continued to work on Sky Pads 2. It was another one of those rare instances when a painting just seems to sort of paint itself. It will be interesting to see if any of the remaining ones in the series can match or surpass it. No pressure here…right?

Sky Pads 2, finished.

Sky Pads 2, finished.


Can’t leave without showing you one more Aquabord™ horse watercolor. I spent last Saturday at a new tack sale venue, which gave me the opportunity to finish this painting that I had started earlier in March at the Michigan Horse Council Stallion Expo. I titled it “Together” because in spite of the size and age differences, the plucky little 30-year-old Arabian was matching the young Saddlebred’s moves stride for stride. I took a series of photos of them as they ran and for fun put them into a film-strip configuration and I could see that they were indeed “together” for quite a few strides.

Available--$35--Such a deal!

Available–$35–Such a deal!


Here's part of the "film strip"--such fun!

Here’s the “film strip”–such fun! If you click on it, it will open large enough for you to actually be able to see it 😉


About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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5 Responses to Sky’s the limit

  1. very impressed with the finished skypods!


  2. oops, i mean sky pads!


  3. I love these impressionistic paintings. Full of mysteries and hope. And I would add joy, as well. Beautiful colours and equally beautiful, subtle forms.


    • Alli Farkas says:

      Oh my..I am not worthy! But thank you so much for the positive critique. These are so risky to do because there is no plan. I have to wait and see what the paint does and then try to adjust if it doesn’t please me. However, I truly enjoy the process; somehow it just resonates with me a lot more than some of the very detailed paintings I also do.

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