Head in the clouds–still

Finished up Skypads 3 a couple of days ago but haven’t made the final photo under controlled light yet. Nevertheless, here’s a quick shot in daylight with me standing on a footstool to get high enough to photo the slanted canvas–which was propped up that way to cut the shiny highlights my glossy paintings always end up with.


I just got an email invitation from The Box Factory For the Arts (I showed two paintings from the “orange” series there last spring) to enter this year’s show. I can submit two entries, and I’m thinking this one and Sky Pads 2 should be good candidates. Unless I get #3 finished by the entry deadline, which is April 30.

I got the undercoat finished on #3, which will be the first vertical version in the series. It also has a few bug splotches on it because I set it out to dry after smooshing the paint mix around on it. The soupy mix is always heavy on turpentine content, and for some reason bugs are attracted to it. No matter, they just add a little texture.

Undercoat for Sky Pads 4

Undercoat for Sky Pads 4


Got delayed a bit in my painting by a trip to California last week for a high school reunion. Took advantage of the Los Angeles location to go museum-hopping. Will post about that as soon as I get the photos organized! In the meantime, will see if I can get #4 to a finished stage that pleases me in time to consider it for the Box Factory entries.

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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3 Responses to Head in the clouds–still

  1. Skydads 3 is a lovely painting. It has that dreamy, fantasy-like feeling that makes it transcend the ordinary. Furthermore, congratulations with the invitation to The Box Factory For the Arts.


  2. happy to see your progress!


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