Second Thoughts

After staring at the color wash on Sky Pads 4 I decided that it didn’t really speak to me. I don’t generally push forward with a painting if I have absolutely no picture in my head of where it might go. On the other hand, I never have an image of the completely finished product in my head before I start either!

So after I had drawn in the outlines of the lily pad leaves I decided that #4 needed another attempt at a wash. I also decided that the colors would probably work better for me if I flipped the painting upside down.

Here are the two versions…

Undercoat for Sky Pads 4

Undercoat for Sky Pads 4

Second wash.

Second wash.









What I see in the second version is a hint of sky reflection and undercurrrents of water. You as the viewer are not expected necessarily to see this yet. You may shamelessly say that you do not and I will totally accept that statement  🙂 . I, however am glad that I do see it as I now have a starting point for the rest of the painting.



About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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2 Responses to Second Thoughts

  1. the second wash definitely looks better.


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