Skypads 5 on uncharted journey


Destination unknown

Here’s the initial paint pour for Skypads 5. This one is quite different from the first four, in large part due to the influence of my occasional casual art advisor and raconteur, Greg. In this case, he had looked at the previous incarnations of Skypads and summarily declared that he wanted to see the next one “run”… Well, that kind of leaves the interpretation of “run” wide open, doesn’t it? But how can I not at least consider the opinion of this person who, after all, does teach at one of the premier art schools in the country. Not that he teaches painting, but nevertheless is totally qualified to hold an opinion on my painting, in large part due to the fact that he probably knows more about art, ancient and modern, than anyone else in my immediate social circle.

Now that I’ve made the back story clear, I have to say that I can’t tell you how I did this underpainting because no matter how I explain it, it won’t make a lot of sense. Let’s just say it involved a hair dryer–and move on the the next stage!

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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9 Responses to Skypads 5 on uncharted journey

  1. my goodness, this looks great as is–but i’m sure you have something more in mind. btw, ‘destination unknown’ is a terrific song as recorded by missing persons.


  2. 8m33 says:

    I always enjoy your art work, even if I am clueless as to how you create it. It is easier for me to write a full length novel than try to paint!


  3. Love it. It’s a brain, it’s a nebula in space, it’s a rainbow-connected.


  4. Yes, we ARE staying tuned 😉 Waiting for next stage!


  5. It looks gorgeous, like water colours running into each other and floating out on the page. And I see a flower bud just releasing its colours.


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