Skypads6–the Dark Universe

A little on the "dark side"

A little on the “dark side”

Poured paint for the next Skypads piece last night. Maybe because I did it at night it got quite a bit darker than I had intended? Colors were also more saturated. No matter, the operating principle here is to take what the paint gives you and forge ahead. I will also ignore the extra helping of gnats that settled on the canvas when I put it outside to dry. They leave teensy gray trails when you brush their carcasses off, but nobody will see that when more layers of paint go on. Now people are going to start calling me a gnat murderer–but hey, it was their decision to land in wet paint…

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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5 Responses to Skypads6–the Dark Universe

  1. Living art… I really love these abstract and fluid paintings.


  2. Sorbet! You diligently give me a rotund belly!


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