Harbor Shores, Part 2

Sky Pads floats away

Sky Pads floats away

In one extremely efficient afternoon ten large Sky Pads and three Echo Park paintings were taken down and somehow squished into the bed of my truck. I didn’t remember how I had loaded them up in the first place (it had seemed rather simple) but I had a lot of trouble recreating the successful first configuration. I didn’t want to take the tonneau cover off the truck bed because it was cold and spitting sleet into the loading area. It’s really hard to get all those snaps on the cover fastened back onto the truck when it’s under about 60 degrees (cold makes the vinyl shrink). But I eventually realized that I had loaded everything up for delivery on a warm day three months earlier and had indeed removed the cover. If I ever have to replace it, velcro is going to be the top priority!

Anyhow, back to this efficient afternoon. The Sky Pads and Echo Park were replaced with fifteen oil paintings and seven watercolors for an unprecedented second-in-a-row show at The Gallery at the Inn at Harbor Shores!

The curator liked the first show so well that she invited me to do a second one. So I gathered up the best of my autumn/winter landscape collection for a new show which I titled “Retro♦Spect”. Here’s a snippet of the publicity statement for the show.  (“RETRO♦SPECT” is a pair of syllables from Latin (retrōspicere) which literally means “looking back”)–

The fall season is so short that we feel a sense of urgency to stop and take notice lest we fail to experience it. Most of the fall paintings in this exhibit are scenes from the fabled New England landscape—in this case, the Berkshires in Massachusetts. In general these scenes are not depicted in their full blazing glory, but rather a suggestion of it, leading the viewer to perhaps long for the brilliance once experienced or imagined. An encouragement to look back rather than forward…

And here’s a peek at the autumn to winter transition now on the walls–

Downstairs lobby with watercolors. The watercolor below the large oil was a study for the larger painting,

Downstairs lobby with watercolors. The watercolor below the large oil was a study for the larger painting.

Sample of autumn into winter

Sample of autumn into winter

Livelier photos to come after the reception, which will be on February 23. Hopefully without a lot of cold, blowing sleet…

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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2 Responses to Harbor Shores, Part 2

  1. Congratulations with the second show at the Gallery at the Inn at Harbor Shores. Looks great.


  2. The lobby looks great! Impressive. I had to click to get a closer peek at the paintings!


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