Lucky 13 on the Ides of March?

Background pour for Sky Pads #13, with lines drawn in for the pads.

I am so-o-o waiting for spring (or at least spring-“like”) weather so I can quit pouring turpentine-loaded paint in my basement and just let all the intoxicating fumes float to heaven outside. A lot of it found its way outside anyway because I left the sliding glass door open all day in 30°F weather. Which meant only my cat appreciated being in the basement since he could sit looking through the screen door.

Why not just take the canvas outside, you say? 1) It’s too cold for sissy me to work out there; and 2) the paint is poured on like water and I want it to stay where it landed. The canvas is too big to fit through the door without tilting, which would make the paint run again to places I don’t want it to be. So it sits inside until it’s dry enough to relocate safely. It doesn’t really matter if it’s in freezing temps later. I’ve never seen any damaging effects from letting it sit in bitter cold.

Maybe we should rename this the “freeze-dried” series?

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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6 Responses to Lucky 13 on the Ides of March?

  1. Your post made me think of Janet Fish, and if I remember correctly, she would put on coat/gloves, etc and paint in an unheated space in the winter.. she was tougher than i could have been!

    I’m with you – open the windows, do what you have to do while holding your breath, then dash for a gulp of pure untainted air!!!!

    the ‘freeze dried series’ sounds fun!

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  2. Cecilia says:

    I totally like the colors!

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  3. I never thought of the complications of creating your art while indoors in cold weather! I would croak after just a few days, with my asthma and all.
    Have you ever had to move on to a different medium during the worst of winter? I’m thinking coal or, I don’t know, I’m not an artist, water color or some kind of pastel. Most likely, it’s not worth it, because then you can’t create the effects you like…


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