An unplanned pause

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The slide show lets you see the gradual progression to a more subtle look. I would have posted this many days ago had I not lost complete use of my right shoulder and its attached arm. I could not pick up a paint brush, let alone carry this 3′ x 4′ canvas outdoors to do the next pass. Eating with my left hand was interesting, but got old after a very short time. Cortisone is my friend. At least for now. 🙂

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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11 Responses to An unplanned pause

  1. Nancy Powers says:

    Gosh, Alli, I am so very sorry! What happened to your arm?


    • Alli Farkas says:

      Hah, long story! Probably started about 35 years ago while playing racquetball. It pretty much healed itself over the years until maybe three years ago when I had to clear a 3-foot high ice bank from my driveway that some clueless snowplow guy left there. That started a problem in the elbow. Then last fall I was dragging my 250-or-so pound chipper up the hilly gravel driveway to the garage when my feet slipped out on the gravel and I landed like a pancake on my face. The chipper started to slide back down the driveway and somehow I managed to turn my body around and get it going back up the hill again. Got a bruised rib and a purple boob from that, but didn’t notice anything in either shoulder or arm. However, as the months wore on I started to get twinges in my right arm and shoulder, nothing sudden, just gradually getting worse until the appendage became effectively useless. Feels pretty good right now, though. Only problem is, it felt so good that I went riding and my horse pulled my biceps tendon. That is only a very minor insult compared to the pain I was in before, so I’m icing the heck out of it and as long as I don’t get back on the horse I feel quite okay with it. Are you sorry you asked yet? LOL LOL LOL!


  2. oh my goodness. i’ve been in your shoes when i was painting too much and my arm/shoulder finally protested.. it felt broken, and was inflamed, and i could not even pick up a fork! a month after norm doc, rx, physical therapy and free of pain, i painted for one hour and stopped. the next day, after about fifteen minutes, the pain was returning… by an alignment of the stars, i was able to see this doc in costa rica who fixed it in about five minutes… five years later, absolutely zero problems…… i suspect that doc tangri could pinpoint what’s out of alignment, tweak it, and give you a reboot!

    he is an amazing healer…


  3. Oh no! The suddenly Lame Arm condition, hate it! Although I kind of liked your chipper and purple boob story, I’m SO sorry to hear this. Winter 2015/2016 I managed to give myself extreme tennis elbows (the kind where you can’t even lift a coffee cup safely.) and it was horrid! A shot in the left arm, helped to clear it, but then it came back, and worse on the right.
    Know how you feel, and glad the cortisone helped. Just careful now!
    Mine have finally healed up, although I thought for a while that maybe I’d always be hurting. Especially when it dragged on through summer. Hoping this will be something much shorter for you!! How else will you ride your pretty beastlet!!


    • Alli Farkas says:

      Rode today with long, loose reins. Not that great of an idea. Didn’t do any harm, but my biceps tendon really doesn’t like half-halts. Sassypants surprised me though when I explained to her that I just couldn’t reach around under her neck and over her head to put the bridle on. I asked if we could just slip it on from the front, then I put myself in front of her, and she took the bit and slid her nose right into the cavesson without even giving me that “side-eye” look. I think she must be taking secret night classes in how to be polite.

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  4. Hope you’re well soon


  5. Still hanging in there with the arm? Easy on the riding!!


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