The road to happiness

Sky Pads 13, finished

It didn’t really take much to make me happy, just bringing back some of the greens on the left and adding some more white fluff to the top. Here’s a little slide show so you can get an idea of how many times this painting transformed itself.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Someone (wish I could remember who) suggested that I go out to the Mill Pond and take some early spring photos of the just emerging lily pads. I demurred, saying there wouldn’t be much to see. I was wrong. I’m not sure what to do with the photos yet–I’m really excited with them–but I’ll save that for another post.

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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3 Responses to The road to happiness

  1. It ended up being a really lovely painting of the life in a pod. And it was fun to see the process through all the stages.


  2. Your lily pads are just so wonderful. We have some half despicable ones, in the now-drying out small pond. They should be ashamed of themselves compared to this. Still think about your paintings when I see them!


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