The mesh panels…YES!

A month or so ago I mentioned that I had won an incredible prize just by donating to a website I subscribe to. One I never expected to win, but always wished I had. I now can proudly say that I have professional-looking mesh panels in my booth tent on which to hang any number and any size of artwork I wish. This is such an improvement over my two previous setups. The landscape setup has overly large paintings which would blow and twist in the wind so they never hung straight. The horse portrait setup required racks which limited the number of paintings I could exhibit. Both issues solved!!

The old landscape booth, looking kind of jumbled.


The old horse portrait setup, not as jumbled but things are stuck together rather tightly.

The landscape setup of my booth with wonderful mesh panels.

It’s hard to believe things could look so much improved just by having the paintings hanging straight and flat against the panels. I set up this photo very carefully because art shows often ask for a booth shot so they can judge how professional you look before they let you in. The website I mentioned above is and they have an article on how to create a photo that is more likely to get judges’ approval. One thing is the angle, showing more of one side panel than the other, otherwise known as a “3/4 view”. So I did that. Second tip is not to show anything outside of the booth, such as the area it’s set up in or people standing around. Check! One other tip is to have either a nice carpet surface on the ground or some really nice grass. I had neither, so I Photoshopped the grass into the picture. Took a while, but I think I got some acceptable fake grass for my efforts!

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Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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6 Responses to The mesh panels…YES!

  1. orijinalchris says:

    Good fake grass (:


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  3. I would never have thought that the grass was ‘adjusted’ to make the image more attractive! great work!


    • Alli Farkas says:

      There are people out there who offer their paid services just to make booth shots look professional. I guess a lot of artists shy away from the design aspect of their marketing, so when they’re submitting the required “booth shot” for an event they aren’t aware of why one is required…especially in the upper echelon of art fairs. These paid professionals insert carpet or grass as needed, straighten out funky angles, remove wrinkles from tablecloths, and remove identifying signage (yes, the judges don’t want to know who you are when jurying entries in order to avoid favoritism–although you’d think they would recognize a known artist’s work!). Plus they adjust the lighting for the best look. Ms Frugality here attempts to do all that herself.


      • oh my;; your posts and feedback remind me of how long i’ve been ‘away’ — yes, i’m sure it’s all very precise and important to present the best possible images… you could probably be one of those paid professionals!!


        • Alli Farkas says:

          I probably could, but I just about wore out my “tolerance button” for courteous customer service back when I edited video for TV news for 30 years. 😁


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