Guessing game

First off, I was going to post this drawing last night, but when I photographed it a couple of things stood out as looking a little odd, so I spent a chunk of today fixing that. Secondly, my wonderful “prosumer” camera stopped autofocusing while I was taking the photos for this painting, so it is in transit somewhere between Dowagiac and NYC to get repaired. Which means I had to take this blurry photo with my very less than wonderful iPhone. So, who wants to guess what this drawing is?  Yeah, I know, the name painted on the “seawall” gives it away, but still…

My latest paint-by-number-style drawing

I admit it’s something of a fooler because there are tons of trees overhanging this vintage cottage so it looks like half (or all?) the roof is missing. But I don’t generally sketch in detailed trees since Mother Nature doesn’t really care if every leaf is exactly in its proper place.

Viewers, however, do care that tree trunks, objects, house and pier are in their proper places. When I took the photos of this house (see my previous post for details on this commissioned painting) there were a lot of extraneous items on the lawn and covering the pier that we didn’t want in the painting. A tarp hanging from a tree, extra canvas chairs besides the Adirondack version, a huge inflatable raft on the platform leading to the pier, and a bunch of boxes on the porch. All gone now.

Which leads to the main question: which part of this drawing do you think gave me the most grief? I’ll give you a probably useless hint–it’s the same one I had trouble with in the last architectural landscape I did a few months ago. So take a look and guess away…answers will appear either in comments or the next installment.

Willow Pond, commissioned watercolor on Aquabord™, 5″ x 7″

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Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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5 Responses to Guessing game

  1. This looks like a challenging task – getting everything coordinated and flowing while keeping the umpteen lines of perspective heading in whatever direction they should be!!!!

    I’m ‘online’ for today and tomorrow then back offline most likely for most of the week.

    I look forward to watching this progress!


  2. kam carroll says:

    Looks like an amazing start!


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  4. Emma Cownie says:

    The water is beautiful on Willow Pond.


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