We have a house

Several days’ work later than the previous version

Well, the architect got the carpenter crew moving, and we now have a house. However, it appears that the landscaper managed only to plant some tree trunks…and one tiny tree behind the flagpole.

The 4 days lost to long hours booth sitting at Richland Park last week did not help the landscaper keep to schedule. Now, the snarky reader of Monday’s post asks: if you could get three watercolor paintings done in your booth, why couldn’t you work on this oil painting?

Simple answer: table space. My little booth painting table is only about a quarter of the size of my studio table, upon which I need to fit the canvas, the palette which is almost as big as the canvas, a big bucket of brushes, paper towels. painting medium, solvent, ginormous tubes of paint (I buy 200ml tubes because, well, in the end they’re cheaper and I’m one frugal tightwad), and maybe a Pepperidge Farm cookie or two. Never mind that you aren’t supposed to be eating while using oil paints.

So I will get after the landscaper the rest of this week and since foliage doesn’t have nearly as much precise detail as an architectural subject I expect the project to move along rather quickly. We’ll see if I’m right.


About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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4 Responses to We have a house

  1. May the landscape architect find time to put the landscape up. So far I think the carpenters have done a great job with the house.

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  2. kam carroll says:

    it is really taking shape !! It looks great.

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