A bit more than meets the eye

This one is not quite like the others…

I’ve been working on several layers of this painting but at first glance it doesn’t look like it. There are already three layers on the green foreground–orange, yellow and green. The tree trunks have four–yellow, brown, and two coats of “almost” black. The roof and trim of the cottage are yellow, green, brown, and blue. The sky is the only element that is one single transparent layer. At least so far.

The green foreground will need at least a couple more layers to get it to a nice rich darker grassy green. This will form the base for the layers of fall leaves on top of it. I’m aiming for an effect of depth with the leaves piled on top, but in some spots it will be nice to see the grass poking through to give that illusion of depth. The lighting is coming more or less directly at the viewer, so the leaves will be brighter where the yellow areas of grass are.

As for the leaves still on the trees, there will be significant patches of sky showing through the leaf clusters. But the sun coming from the direction behind the house and trees has the effect of bleaching out the sky, which is why it’s a pale transparent layer.

All that sounds really cool, right? Just gotta find a good way to execute it!

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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2 Responses to A bit more than meets the eye

  1. have had a computer problem for some time, so glad to see you’re still sending! always so very much enjoy seeing your emails

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  2. Kam says:

    It all sounds great. I can’t even remotely figure how you can do it all especially since my art ability stops at stick figures. Thanks so much for putting your all into it.

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