A dark and stormy night?

Dark, but not stormy!

Cottage version 4 continued. Not dark enough yet, but will be soon. And just to prove I’m not a creature of habit, I’m starting this painting from the top down instead of the bottom up as I did in the previous three versions. That’s because I need to see how the sky will turn out before I go on to the house and the warm light that will be emanating from it. And no, I don’t know ahead of time how the sky will turn out. It’s all a grand experiment.

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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8 Responses to A dark and stormy night?

  1. kam carroll says:

    looks really good so far !


  2. Nancy Powers says:

    I love that it’s a nighttime painting…different! Will be fun to see all these cottage paintings together! As always, Alli, your art is delightful!


    • Alli Farkas says:

      Thanks Nancy! I keep running a script in my head about how I want this one to look, but no guarantees that it will turn out that way. It will be fine whether it matches my imagination or not–I just have to let my hands have their way and do whatever they want with the paint brushes.


  3. it looks great!

    i’ve been loading pages and reading offline for the past month… lo siento, i’m in silent mode but have really enjoyed watching this series evolve!

    happy new year!


  4. Emma Cownie says:

    Ohh…coming along nicely!


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