It snowed today

Well, at least on canvas. Figured I might as well continue the national stormy narrative the USA seems to have going this week.

Looks like the cottage hasn’t lost power yet.

That’s kind of an Easter Egg yellow light, but as usual it’s just a base coat and won’t stay that way. Lots of “stuff” to paint inside the windows, and even though it won’t be particularly in focus it will add a lot of gray/purple/red/brown areas. Having those colors will let me be a lot more generous in choice of reflections to come later on the snow. Meanwhile, I still have to build a snowy brick garden enclosure at the bottom of the deck line.

Oh yeah, and I have that secret commission finally all drawn out on the Gessobord™. As soon as I get some paint on it I can put it through Photoshop for a new abstract look.

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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2 Responses to It snowed today

  1. The painting is coming nicely together. I love the use of complementary colours of yellow in the windows and the deep blue sky. You are lucky enough to be able to create you own snow (not much snow where I am presently – unfortunately).

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    • Alli Farkas says:

      The weather has been totally goofy around here lately. We had a foot of accumulated snow, then it warmed up in the low 50’s yesterday and melted some of it, then in the 50’s again today with lots of rain, so no snow left now! But tomorrow back into the deep freeze — 24 degrees forecast! Making my own snow at least lets me have it without freezing my tushy off! I’m just about ready to put the snowy yard and reflections in on this painting, so stay tuned!

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