Home stretch time

Got the windows all properly lit up, a building off to the right behind the trees, the garden and assorted remains of plants done. There’s a thick coat of white where the snow is supposed to be. Will wait for that to dry and then start layering in the “night blue” base color and the reflections from the windows.

Just a few cubic yards of snow to go, along with a bunch of colorful reflections


In the meantime, here’s another fun Photoshop “distortion” applied to the secret commission of a couple of posts ago. Love the colors!

Had no idea what Photoshop’s “stained glass” filter would do. Looks more like a mosaic, but whatever…


Keep an eye out for possible gallery show news in upcoming posts. I’ve applied to a slew (well, maybe not that many) of juried shows and now just have to wait for the verdicts.

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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6 Responses to Home stretch time

  1. kam carroll says:

    I love the winter cottage already!! You are so talented.


  2. Emma Cownie says:

    Fascinating the order in which you are painting the colours/subjects. Or course, ithe size of the canvas affects things, but I often turn the canvas (upside down at times) to paint parts of the image, especially with small canvases. This way I can rest my hand on the edge of the canvas without rubbing the paint. Do you? You give the impression of a “upright” painter.

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    • Alli Farkas says:

      Oh boy, I do twist my canvases in all directions to get the most comfortable spot to get the paint on accurately. I paint flat on a huge table—no easel. I have another table that if necessary, I can put a painting as large as 4’ x 5’ and walk all the way around it so I never have to move the painting at all! Sometimes I paint upside down just because I can’t see the shapes accurately enough right side up. Brain gets in the way of the eyes!


  3. It looks lovely! I love the warmth in the cottage!


  4. Nancy Powers says:

    I’m able to leave a response here, Alli, without having to “sign in”….and I love this painting because winter snow scenes are my favorite, but also because this one is at night. It’s very cool and I’m looking forward to seeing the completion!


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