Poured paint surprise for Sky Pads 17

Initial paint pour on a hot day!

One of, or probably the main, reason I love pouring a layer of transparent paint on a blank canvas is just to see what happens if I leave it alone after it hits the surface. I have never had this result before and now am wondering if I could ever get it again. The only factors I can think of that may have come into play here are the suffocating heat of the day, which made for fast drying, and the fact that I used paint thinner again rather than turpentine to liquify the the paint before pouring it. I was also careful when I stretched the canvas not to leave any loose or shallow spots in order to encourage the liquid to flow off freely rather than pool itself.

Although the surface is dry enough to “stick” now as long as it’s not disturbed, it’s not dry enough to draw on. I can hardly wait to get my next drawing going on this one and see where it takes me!

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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14 Responses to Poured paint surprise for Sky Pads 17

  1. Emma Cownie says:

    Are the lighter colours the fibre of the paper (yellows)?


    • Alli Farkas says:

      This is actually very thin soupy oil paint on canvas. When I mix in paint thinner to “soup it up” the pigment will separate within the thinner and make patterns. However (and that’s a BIG however) I’ve never gotten this detailed and rhythmic a pattern before. The yellowish areas between the stronger colors are the canvas showing through, to some extent. I poured yellow as a base but then immediately put violet and magenta over that before anything had started to dry. Mostly the yellow stayed put and the other two colors separated over it. I have absolutely no explanation for why it behaved the way it did. I’ve poured paint for decades and this is a first.

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  2. jofox2108 says:

    That looks amazing!

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  3. This looks cool just as it is – very textured!

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  4. Amazing colours that blend beautifully into each other. And the pattern brings so much energy and movement to the picture.

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