I know those of you who are regular readers are probably on the edge of your seats wondering if I’m going to obliterate all that lovely background. Nope. I haven’t touched it yet except to put some lily silhouettes on it. And I’m loving it. I think I can say with confidence that it’s almost done. The pads almost look like birds flapping their wings. I have no intention of changing that!

Looks like another super-hot weekend coming up. If I can get another canvas stretched by then I may try for another poured background like this one.

Sky Pads 17, part 2. The background colors look a bit duller than the previous photo–rainy day instead of sunny.

In the meantime, I’m waiting for some video or at least some photos from last weekend’s dressage show. No quadrille this time, but we did do a pas de deux. I’m thinking I may get some visuals today, so you’ll get all the details as soon as I get the goods.

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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8 Responses to Speechless…(almost)

  1. The pads, they’re letting loose, flying off! I love this one!

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  2. Clover says:

    This is exquisite, Alli!! Love it, as is!

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    • Alli Farkas says:

      Me too! I do need to put a very, almost imperceptible coat of something over the background because that wash won’t be completely stable without it. But whatever I do, I’m not about to lose the present quality of the image.


  3. Emma Cownie says:

    Oh you are brave! Those lilys do look like wonderful wings, like butterflies!

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  4. Karin Bielefeld says:

    Gorgeous just as it is!!!


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