Tangled up in time

I started this painting of an eventer probably a year ago. So long ago I can’t remember. Finally finished it up sitting in my booth at the latest Reins of Life benefit show at the end of September. I was somewhat apprehensive about even starting this one, let alone finishing it, because of the general complexity of horse, rider, and background. I got it to my usual “good enough” stage and declared it finished. My only regret is that the act of finishing it reminded me that there will be no more 3-day events at Richland Park–last year was the last one. 😥

Rider number 55, from last year’s Richland Park Horse Trials. Watercolor on Aquabord™.

I had just gotten a start on Sky Pads 19–

Sky Pads 19, background pour and first pass

when three Christmas horse portrait commissions came in. So 19 will have to wait a bit. Since the Christmas paintings are, as usual, a surprise, I can’t show them yet. But I can say that there is a black horse, a white horse, and a brown horse. That just about covers the basic horse colors, right? Maybe a palomino will show up too, who knows…

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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