Early surprise

My last post I mentioned that I had three commissions I couldn’t show you. One of the surprise recipients got her painting early, so I’m happy to show you Emylou. I like this one so much I really didn’t want to let it go!

Emylou, watercolor on Aquabord™

I’m so happy with the results in this painting which is from a photo taken at the Kentucky Horse Park. The trees were perfect. The water was perfect. And the colors on the horse were richer and more glowing than any I have done previously on Aquabord™. I also used a different brush than usual on the horse, an angled shader in two different sizes. It gave a lovely streakless finish that was easy to lift off for the highlights. But in order to take advantage of the brush’s ability to lay down even color I had to mask out the harness and the front of the cart so those areas would remain white while I painted the horse, leaving clean areas to paint all the leather and assorted cart components later. There was a fountain on some sort of barrel type structure in the middle of the water (it’s the green part under the horse’s head, with a reflection underneath). It was splattering drops into the body of water, so I took a stiff stenciling brush, dipped it in masking fluid, and ran my thumb across it to spray fluid on the water area before I painted it. Paint then went over the mask drops with a 1″ flat brush. I was surprised that I could use such large brushes (the largest of the two shaders was 1/2″) on a painting that is only 5″ x 7″!

I completed the first of the three paintings before I did this one, but still can’t display it. Will be going on to the third one tonight!

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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14 Responses to Early surprise

  1. Clover says:

    Alli, this is spectacular! The colors, values, shadows, textures… they’re spot on!

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  2. Emma Cownie says:

    I would quite agree – this is quite perfect. No wonder you don’t want to let this one go!

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  3. Kathy Noone says:

    This is wonderful! I especially like, weird though this is, the “movement” forward in the left front leg. Spot on….congratulations on a wonderful painting.


  4. Wow, so much fine detail in such a tiny space. It’s a jewel.


  5. Alli Farkas says:

    No kidding on the tiny detail. I had to use a rigger to get some of it done because even my tiniest round watercolor brush was too big. So it flipped back and forth between a 1″ brush and a “0” size rigger!


  6. Nancy Powers says:

    Your horse paintings just get better and better all the time. I love the detail in them and the light in this one on the horse’s coat is amazing! I feel like I could just touch it; so realistic! Nice break for you from Sky Pads.

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    • Alli Farkas says:

      The new 1/2″ angled shader brush is responsible for that lovely light on the horse’s coat. And the fact that Aquabord™ lets you lift off just a little or a lot of paint, depending on what you’re trying to do. Years-long learning curve for me!


  7. This is really a lovely water colour painting. There is such a three-dimensional and tactile sense to it. No wonder you didn’t want to let go of it.

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