Christmas in April

I am a patient person. This blog post should prove it. Never one to nag, just suggest…and it finally happened. My promised Christmas present from two Christmases ago finally took an actual physical form:

What finally got the designer (I claim no credit other than constantly questioning the actual designer’s wisdom) to get the project underway by agreeing to devote one day a week to the project. Paintings had been accumulating over the years and were stacked against the walls to such a depth that to reach any particular one required moving and relocating several others. A big pain in the patooty, if you ask me. Which you didn’t. But anyway, I think he (designer and promiser of grand Christmas present) had been dragging his feet because both he and the artist (me) thought this would be a way bigger undertaking that it turned out to be. We managed to knock out the actual assembly in a few hours over two days.

What isn’t evident in the photos is that the room itself now has a lot more space in the center of it, and the corners of the room are now accessible. All the small stuff has been removed and/or rearranged so I can just walk right up to it. Not a problem anymore to get my 6-foot tall canvas rolls out of the corner. Christmas in April has made me quite happy!

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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13 Responses to Christmas in April

  1. Nancy Powers says:

    Better late than never, as is said! I love this, Alli!

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  2. Jan Fedorenko says:

    So so cool All! – And inspiring as well…there is something to be said for order.I have a yard project that hung over me all last summer. No excuses, I had the time, the resources. Maybe THIS summer.

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    • Alli Farkas says:

      I empathize with the yard project. I replaced a raised bed a couple of years ago, but had 4 more to go. So far I have 1-1/2 of those done (was waiting for missing pieces on one of them) and will get hopping on the third one hopefully soon since I am not letting myself plant until they’re done. The fourth one will wait till next year.


  3. Darlene Troyer says:

    Looks great and very functionable Alli!

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  4. Emma Cownie says:

    What a great present for an artist! I like that you have instantly filled it up and used the space on top too. You might need a second one. Better start asking now ready for next Christmas!

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  5. jofox9973 says:

    Awesome – it looks great! Lovely to keep your wonderful work stored properly.


  6. It really seems you did a great job! Bravo!


  7. If it took some time to make the Christmas present happening, so it did for me to write a comment. It’s always good with storage space that can organize one’s activity. Looks great.

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