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Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana

It’s December–that must mean another secret

Time to get creative with PhotoShop again so I can post this and the intended recipient won’t figure out the surprise. Hope to be done by Christmas, but can’t guarantee it. Just hedging my bets here…the painting so far looks … Continue reading

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A bunch of leaves fell overnight

OK, so once again I’m thinking this one is finished. Just looking at it without comparison to the last version would lead one to think that not much had changed. So I’m putting them side by side just to prove … Continue reading

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Inches from the finish line

Not there yet, but so very, very close. More variation in the trees, more leaves piled up in the yard. Maybe by tomorrow…

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A bit more than meets the eye

I’ve been working on several layers of this painting but at first glance it doesn’t look like it. There are already three layers on the green foreground–orange, yellow and green. The tree trunks have four–yellow, brown, and two coats of … Continue reading

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Short interruption for some swag

OK, enough about painting for a couple of minutes. I belong to two dressage GMO’s (group member organizations) and at the end of each year they give out awards for that year’s show season. So— Champion high point for Quadrille … Continue reading

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Number 3 in the start gate

Yes, I know “start gate” is a silly metaphor for a house, but I stand by my contention that “house” is only one letter away from “horse” and therefore I should be able to use it with equine abandon. I … Continue reading

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“Starting a New Life”

This is the title of the mural in my town of Dowagiac, Michigan which I have been occasionally posting about all summer. It is now complete, and was officially dedicated to the city and accepted by the Mayor last Saturday. … Continue reading

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