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Building from the ground (water?) up

Well, we don’t have a cottage yet, but the architect says we will soon. 😊 When the second half of the painting is close to done I will probably stop to see how well it melds with the first half. … Continue reading

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Guessing game

First off, I was going to post this drawing last night, but when I photographed it a couple of things stood out as looking a little odd, so I spent a chunk of today fixing that. Secondly, my wonderful “prosumer” … Continue reading

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News Brief

Yes, very briefly. First, Willow Tree (where I board Charm) lost another wonderful lesson horse recently. My trainer wanted to gift our barn manager with a remembrance of Dale, a Belgian draft who served not only as a lesson horse … Continue reading

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It’s G-R-O-W-I-N-G

A dedicated group of local artists (and non-artists too–we put everybody to work) has been painting away for about a month now and the Orphan Train mural is getting filled in amazingly fast. This is more like a first pass … Continue reading

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And now for something totally different

My current hometown, Dowagiac, Michigan was the first stop on the Orphan Train. Before I get into describing the mural which is the subject of this post, here’s a summary of the history of the Orphan Train, patched together from … Continue reading

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Something went awry here

I can’t ever remember criticizing a show I have been a part of (who wants to embarrass themselves, right?) so it’s a strange feeling to have to report that something was seriously amiss at the Box Factory show this year. … Continue reading

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The road to happiness

It didn’t really take much to make me happy, just bringing back some of the greens on the left and adding some more white fluff to the top. Here’s a little slide show so you can get an idea of … Continue reading

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