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Chardon Valley results, and then some

  I can thank Charm for all of the above. We won in the musical freestyle quadrille class and Training Level test 3, then flamed out fifth out of five in the First Level test 2. Interesting side note–our losing … Continue reading

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Slowly but surely

Charm and I are the tortoise, not the hare–but we are getting there all the same. Here we are at this past weekend’s annual 2-day dressage show at Willow Tree. And here’s our collection of weekend swag. We did quadrille … Continue reading

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Reins of Life rolls around again, and so does rain

It dawned gray and wet on a Midwest Saturday. I think this was my fourth? appearance at Reins of Life in South Bend, Indiana. I’ve lost track. But they all have one thing in common: it would not be a … Continue reading

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Still deciding

I “finished” this a few days ago, but propped it up so I could evaluate it and decide if it was truly finished. I still haven’t decided, so I thought I would just publish it anyway since whatever revisions I … Continue reading

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Getting there

A vast expanse of shoulder left to do, then the mane. I’m leaving that finicky braided mane for last, mostly because I’m not feeling particularly finicky at the moment. I may glaze over the horse’s reddish coat to tone it … Continue reading

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Last watercolor detour for a while

  Sometime last summer I looked out the back door and saw an ephemeral layer of fog floating over the Mill Pond. I grabbed my camera and raced the hundred feet down to the dock to get as many photos … Continue reading

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Cantana in a bit of color

Anyhow, the background on this oil portrait is probably done unless I see that it needs some adjustment after the horse and rider are finished. Just one quick coat of paint on horse and rider to give me an idea … Continue reading

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Secret wait is over–yes, it was a Christmas present

I had to be careful not to get the pink petunias into the disguised version as that might have given it away a bit. Anyhow, the recipient of this Christmas gift was super pleased to receive it as it is … Continue reading

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A whole bunch of photos of Charm

Last Saturday I once again traded my vendor’s hat for a rider’s helmet. This time at the fall Reins of Life benefit dressage show in Michigan City, Indiana. Charm and I did just fine, even though I had a little … Continue reading

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A special thank-you portrait

Yesterday was the third and final performance of the Rockin’ Riders dressage quadrille (see previous post for info on the quadrille) and the other three of us had decided that our quadrille leader, Kim, deserved some really cool recognition for … Continue reading

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