Home stretch time

Got the windows all properly lit up, a building off to the right behind the trees, the garden and assorted remains of plants done. There’s a thick coat of white where the snow is supposed to be. Will wait for that to dry and then start layering in the “night blue” base color and the reflections from the windows.

Just a few cubic yards of snow to go, along with a bunch of colorful reflections


In the meantime, here’s another fun Photoshop “distortion” applied to the secret commission of a couple of posts ago. Love the colors!

Had no idea what Photoshop’s “stained glass” filter would do. Looks more like a mosaic, but whatever…


Keep an eye out for possible gallery show news in upcoming posts. I’ve applied to a slew (well, maybe not that many) of juried shows and now just have to wait for the verdicts.

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It snowed today

Well, at least on canvas. Figured I might as well continue the national stormy narrative the USA seems to have going this week.

Looks like the cottage hasn’t lost power yet.

That’s kind of an Easter Egg yellow light, but as usual it’s just a base coat and won’t stay that way. Lots of “stuff” to paint inside the windows, and even though it won’t be particularly in focus it will add a lot of gray/purple/red/brown areas. Having those colors will let me be a lot more generous in choice of reflections to come later on the snow. Meanwhile, I still have to build a snowy brick garden enclosure at the bottom of the deck line.

Oh yeah, and I have that secret commission finally all drawn out on the Gessobordâ„¢. As soon as I get some paint on it I can put it through Photoshop for a new abstract look.

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A dark and stormy night?

Dark, but not stormy!

Cottage version 4 continued. Not dark enough yet, but will be soon. And just to prove I’m not a creature of habit, I’m starting this painting from the top down instead of the bottom up as I did in the previous three versions. That’s because I need to see how the sky will turn out before I go on to the house and the warm light that will be emanating from it. And no, I don’t know ahead of time how the sky will turn out. It’s all a grand experiment.

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Back in business

One short vacation and three sick days later, I’m back in business so to speak. Guess I lied to myself that my last post would be the final one for 2017 đŸ˜‹. Got some nice trees going here on the final cottage painting, and will have a new disguised surprise commission coming up as soon as I get the drawing done and a first layer of paint on it.

Dance of the naked trees…

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An update, then some entertainment

Finnie, one of those “in your pocket” horses we all love

If you take a look a my previous post it will be easy to associate the swirled colors of the “secret” with this painting. The recipient was very happy with it, which, as always, is my one and only goal with these portraits. This one reminded me of the only other one I’ve done which needed at least the illusion of a lot of detailed foliage in the foreground. That was Gypsy, which you can see here if you’re curious. This oil painting was done a bit differently than usual–it’s oil on hardboard (Gessobordâ„¢), sized a bit larger than the Aquabordsâ„¢ at 8″ x 10″.

So I got Finnie finished just in time to pack up my bags for a Christmas vacation trip to New Orleans. The lovely South gave me a parting present on my way back home–a nice head cold. So since I had a lot of time on my hands due to not feeling like doing much besides warming a chair, I put together this little video of the highlights of our trip. I didn’t include one site we visited, which was the exquisite New Orleans Museum of Art, because the Significant Other was the only one who took photos of it and I was too lazy (i.e., sickly) to ask him for them. But I do highly recommend the Museum to anyone happening to visit New Orleans.




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Doubling up

The secret commission is done, but still can’t be revealed. I was two-timing while working on it, as it was somewhat of a rush project. I wanted to start the last drawing of the four Carroll Cottage paintings, and took advantage of the time it was taking for paint to dry on the “secret” to hike across the room to my drawing table and start #4.

Here’s the “secret”–still can’t tell what it is, but is sure has a heck of a lot more color!

Might make a nice landscape, eh?

It seems like a sort of musical chairs version of landscape painting has taken place during the selection of each version of the cottage paintings. In the first one, there was a really nice water feature. We traded water for a really nicely lit grass feature in #2. The grass gave way to a huge pile of leaves in #3, and now–wait for it–there will be no grass, no water, no leaves. But yes, piles of snow and totally naked trees. Sunshine is gone for the most part too. So stick around and see how the drawing fills in!

Traded all those leaves on #3 for totally bare trees on #4

Finally, since I was so good at two-timing the past couple of weeks, I will be doing it again as soon as I finish my little Christmas break. Got another horse portrait commission yesterday!

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It’s December–that must mean another secret

Looks kind of like another tree-as if I didn’t already have enough trees!

Time to get creative with PhotoShop again so I can post this and the intended recipient won’t figure out the surprise. Hope to be done by Christmas, but can’t guarantee it. Just hedging my bets here…the painting so far looks exactly like none of this picture.

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