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Farewell to RT, aka Billy’s twin

We had a sad day at Willow Tree today. We knew it was coming because the signs of decline were evident, but that didn’t make it any easier. RT was a member of what I humorously dubbed the “Broken Down … Continue reading

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Damn horse…!

Mr. Bill managed to entangle himself with another horse today and now he’s limping around like an old man. This was a major insult, considering that today we had a great lesson with Karin and Billy was solid as a … Continue reading

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Billy contemplates Mr. Universe

The top photo is Billy from about 10 months ago; the bottom one is yesterday. I really am astounded at how he has filled out, bulked up and pretty much straightened out his frame. All due to careful coaching and … Continue reading

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How to spend 3 days at a rodeo and not see a thing!

Here’s the main attraction (at least for me) at the Michigan State University Spartan Stampede Rodeo this past weekend. This baby goat was born on Thursday evening and had problems with his legs–couldn’t stand up and nurse–so he came to … Continue reading

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Mission accomplished

Billy and his lady friends are finished, and my goal to have this painting in time to display at my booth at the upcoming MSU Spartan Stampede Rodeo has been accomplished. I haven’t had any new paintings on my racks … Continue reading

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Only a couple mares–I mean layers–to go

I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to discover just the right color for the lightest part of the woods. I wanted something fairly neutral, but not gray. I kept ending up with pink. Finally looked at my palette … Continue reading

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Billy and his ladies, round 3

Well, I guess I said pretty much everything about our progress right in the photo caption. I’ll assume you didn’t want to read anything complicated this time around and just leave it at that. I’m happy with progress so far. … Continue reading

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Billy’s harem, chapter 2

I think I now know why the drawing took so long. When I stepped back and looked at the latest incarnation of this painting, I was astounded at how exactly like my horse the image was. I was so intent … Continue reading

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A new look at “developing”

I never quite thought of it this way before, but today it occurred to me that these first stages of painting are kind of like it used to be way back in the old days when we would wait around … Continue reading

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A few words about Billy

I had another really nice ride on Billy tonight. He did a beautiful collected then lengthened trot combination for me and seamlessly navigated between the two modes, keeping himself “through” the whole time. We just floated around the ring a … Continue reading

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