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Christmas in April

I am a patient person. This blog post should prove it. Never one to nag, just suggest…and it finally happened. My promised Christmas present from two Christmases ago finally took an actual physical form: What finally got the designer (I … Continue reading

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A short tour to (sort of) warmer weather

Christmas holidays rolled around and Greg (the SO) and I took a bit of a “catch up with people we haven’t seen in years–or even decades–trip”. We started in Michigan, stopped at the brother’s house in Ohio for Christmas, then … Continue reading

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Is someone trying to tell me something?

I spent two sultry sticky suffocating days at the inaugural Valparaiso Art Festival. Which would have been fine except for a couple of problematic details—but let’s do the good stuff first. The event was in a popular location, had a … Continue reading

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Portugal, condensed, sort of

Greg (aka “the SO”) and I visited Portugal for a week and a half over the Christmas/New Years holidays. I have just uploaded 75 photos for this blog and have little sense of how to keep you interested in them. … Continue reading

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An update, then some entertainment

If you take a look a my previous post it will be easy to associate the swirled colors of the “secret” with this painting. The recipient was very happy with it, which, as always, is my one and only goal … Continue reading

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My first Christmas parade (or any parade, for that matter)

I’ve been a spectator at quite a few small-town holiday parades but yesterday was the first time I was ever a participant. I expected it to be fun, and it was as soon as we got over some of the … Continue reading

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Procrastination at bay, for now

Just finished this one–only 3 days later– in spite of spending most of the last two days fighting with Christmas decorations. My least favorite situation with Christmas lights: I plug in the strings, check that all the lights actually light, … Continue reading

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Winter in Summer

Sometime probably around last May, after six years of lazing around, I finally addressed my personal belief that every fireplace needs some sort of painting above it (unless you put your flat screen TV there, of course). I pulled this … Continue reading

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The Agony and the Ecstasy

I just returned from a riding adventure in Massachusetts which I had planned along with a couple of friends for almost a year. We wanted to experience, at least once in our lives, what it felt like to be on … Continue reading

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Results are in

Yup, Nikwax Rug Proof is a wonderful product! I threw some water on Billy’s newly treated blanket this morning and it beaded up like a champ. I really must see if the company wants to pay me a few skajillion … Continue reading

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