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Why I do this!

I spent last Thursday through Sunday at the Michigan State Spartan Stampede Rodeo, tending my booth. I was there last year, and as a result of that appearance one of the Rodeo Club members commissioned this portrait of Fred, who … Continue reading

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Billy contemplates Mr. Universe

The top photo is Billy from about 10 months ago; the bottom one is yesterday. I really am astounded at how he has filled out, bulked up and pretty much straightened out his frame. All due to careful coaching and … Continue reading

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Billy’s harem, chapter 2

I think I now know why the drawing took so long. When I stepped back and looked at the latest incarnation of this painting, I was astounded at how exactly like my horse the image was. I was so intent … Continue reading

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A few words about Billy

I had another really nice ride on Billy tonight. He did a beautiful collected then lengthened trot combination for me and seamlessly navigated between the two modes, keeping himself “through” the whole time. We just floated around the ring a … Continue reading

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Not just a good ride; best ride ever

I s-o–o-o wish I had video of this, but I had no idea it would be so good and blew off bringing my camera. I got on Billy tonight for the first time in at least three weeks. We had … Continue reading

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Horsin’ around

I’m not getting much painting done, but I am using horses as my excuse. Who would ever have thought that owning a horse I can no longer ride would put me in a place to do so much riding?  Moving … Continue reading

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We’ve got a winner (finally)!

A while back I mentioned I had entered the  “Ex Arte Equinus” competition sponsored by Art Horse Magazine. Didn’t win anything in that one, although if I read their notice right, it looks like works that were accepted into the … Continue reading

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