Some of us just have a longer learning curve

So today I take Billy out to the gate and he’s all eager to trot into the training lot. He goes right up to the black gelding who didn’t like him yesterday, and the gelding shrieks at him. So he goes over toward the hay rack and a pony greets him, and they’re all nuzzly (he’s always liked ponies, probably because they’re all smaller than he is). Then the chestnut mare comes up, they sniff noses and she turns around and kicks at him. He backs off with the little pony following (presumably to tell him not to worry about her) but he keeps going and the pony would rather eat. So Billy ends up at the gate again, looking longingly at the barn. He was still there an hour later. An hour after that, when I was ready to leave, he was walking the fence line with a mare from the adjacent “mare turnout”. I didn’t stick around to distract him or find out what happened next.


About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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