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Weekend in a Chicago white tent

This was an art festival that I was determined to be a part of even though fate seemed to think otherwise after the windstorm the weekend before crushed some paintings and twisted some tent parts. Miraculously–or so it seemed–I was … Continue reading

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First EmyLou, now just Lou

A couple of posts back I showed you EmyLou. I can now reveal–since the gift”er” can’t seem to wait until Christmas to hand over presents to her gift”ees”–the first painting in my previous post A Pair of Puzzles.  This painting … Continue reading

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I won something… and it wasn’t a raffle

Yesterday was an annual event in Elkhart, Indiana called the Taste of the Gardens. The gardens in question are the Wellfield Botanic Gardens. Lots of good food, lots of live music, and 60 artist/craft vendors including yours truly. I signed … Continue reading

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SOLD!! Woo-hoo!!

This is the painting that was accepted into the Box Factory for the Arts annual Michiana Area Art Contest. It didn’t win any “awards”, but this one sold! That’s the biggest validation I could expect from a competition/show. I’m happy … Continue reading

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2 more down, ?? to go

As we used to say when I lived in LA, we’ve got the mountains and the sea! And I have a deadline to get a few more of these Aquabord™ paintings done before early November. I would have had a … Continue reading

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For the first time ever I experimented with painting while tending my booth. I have always done the ink drawings but thought painting would be too messy and space-consuming. I discovered, however, that I can take my tiny (about the … Continue reading

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Billy contemplates Mr. Universe

The top photo is Billy from about 10 months ago; the bottom one is yesterday. I really am astounded at how he has filled out, bulked up and pretty much straightened out his frame. All due to careful coaching and … Continue reading

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Expectations fulfilled…

It took a while, and there were some detours along the way, but I’m quite happy with the outcome of this painting. I had mentioned my high expectations, not knowing for sure if they could be fulfilled. One variable was … Continue reading

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More news from River Art

These are the other two watercolors that I entered in the River Art competition. As I mentioned in my last post, the third one, “DesPlaines River” was the winner in the watercolor category. I just received notification that it will … Continue reading

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We’ve got a winner (finally)!

A while back I mentioned I had entered the  “Ex Arte Equinus” competition sponsored by Art Horse Magazine. Didn’t win anything in that one, although if I read their notice right, it looks like works that were accepted into the … Continue reading

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