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33 cued up, with a postscript on 32

I went ahead and posted an “inaccurate color” photo of Sky Pads 32 yesterday because I was in a hurry to finally get it out there. I loved the fake gold-orange tones (created by bad lighting) floating down from the … Continue reading

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New record for longest time to complete a painting

Sky Pads 32! It only took a little over half a year to finish 😯. Can’t blame my commission for Menemsha Harbor for that—it was only about a 2-month interruption. Pandemic delay??!! Covid fatigue??!! Paint shortage??!! Take your pick—I’ll go … Continue reading

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I know those of you who are regular readers are probably on the edge of your seats wondering if I’m going to obliterate all that lovely background. Nope. I haven’t touched it yet except to put some lily silhouettes on … Continue reading

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