The latecomers

"Waders"--a little experiment with ripples in water

“Waders”–a little experiment with ripples in water


“Reflection”, another view of my Billy, this time looking a bit askance at the photographer.

Here are the two Aquabord™ pieces I managed to complete at the Stallion Expo. I really like doing these at shows because I can stop a watercolor at just about any point to talk to whoever comes along with a question. Oils are a different story. Speaking of which, I’ve got a large canvas stretched and with drawing complete, waiting for me to get going on it today. It’s going to be a huge version of one of the Orange Float Aquabord™ paintings. Can’t wait to see what happens–just hoping it will be really good. No matter how it goes, I’ll post some photos when I’ve made some progress. There’s a juried show coming up with submission deadline mid-April that I think would be perfect for this painting, if only I can get it done in time and, of course, it looks absolutely smashing!

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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5 Responses to The latecomers

  1. we often ‘chomp at the bit’ when preparing for a larger painting! i hope that your larger version goes well!



  2. What a great painting of the “waders”..and, good luck on your larger one.


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