It’s meditation time again

Waiting for the magic "good to go" moment

Waiting for the magic "good to go" moment

Once again I find myself at that point where all I can do is prop this painting up where I can stare at it every now and then and see how it hits me. Meditation and reflection now, maybe later–action. I really like the way the colors from the sunset are reflected in the coat of this black horse. I’m also feeling a teensy bit clever at having remembered this gorgeous sky that I painted a few years back in a snowy landscape…since it was my sky to begin with, I didn’t feel a bit guilty about transposing it into this painting!

I made one other discovery today. It’s rather mundane, and any professional photographer (which I am not) would have known this from practically day one, which is–I can’t wait till my northern exposure studio lights up with the full force of day to take a picture of a painting on canvas. Every little weave of the canvas shows, and the gloss in the paint picks up the shine in the threads of the canvas fabric and makes it look extremely patterned.  Even my beloved Photoshop can’t get rid of all of it without way too much work on my part. Photographing in the early morning, preferably on a gray day, works a lot better. Just my luck that our string of weeks of gray days ended today when I wanted a photo of this painting!

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Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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  1. Fed says:

    I think it’s perfect as is


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