Playing catch-up

Several things are in the works but somehow I have become major sidetracked from reporting on them. So, here goes…

Remember Valor and Stonie?

This painting which I completed a few months ago will now appear on a promotional poster for Reins of Life therapeutic riding center in South Bend and Michigan City, Indiana. Valor’s owner is delighted that the painting of her two horses will now be, at least locally, “famous”. Hopefully I will be able to get my hands on a poster or two and gift her with one.

It's not a horse, but a horse might like to be here.

It’s not a horse, but a horse might like to be here.

This little watercolor titled “Conkle’s Hollow Meadow” (located in the Hocking Hills of Ohio) will be featured in a local florist’s window during the Dowagiac Dogwood Fine Arts Festival from May 9 to May 18. This is an annual event which includes the Art Walk, storytellers, dance, play performances, Pulizter Prize-winning authors, culinary events, celebrity musicians and bands, and loads of cultural activities for kids. I’m sure I’ve skipped something, because there’s so much offered. Proud of my little community!

Pencil drawing on Aquabord™ of Luke, a Hanoverian gelding at Willow Tree

Pencil drawing on Aquabord™ of Luke, a Hanoverian gelding at Willow Tree

And finally, the latest horse portrait. This lovely Hanoverian gelding belongs to a client who already owns two other portraits. So this will be a “three-peat” for her. Just the kind of customer I love! It’s so great to know that somebody likes your work so much they are willing to invest in it three times!

About Alli Farkas

Equine and landscape artist specializing in rural Americana
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1 Response to Playing catch-up

  1. Alli, what fun for you! It will be exciting to see your work famous in town. I could escape in that water color for hours. That’s the kind of place I used to seek out as a kid when I needed some peace. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens to Luke as you fill him on. He’s a beauty!


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